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Your life is made up of so many wonderful areas. Here’s what I believe I can help you with:

Your Home

I have always believed that your home should tell a story of who you are. When people walk in, it should showcase your heart, your personality and what you love. It should be a safe haven for you at all times and a place that makes others feel welcome. I can help you find your style, or perhaps you just need help with one room or even if you need help decluttering. Whatever your décor dilemma, I’d love to help you create something that showcases your heart and makes you smile each time you walk into that room.

Your Style

Your style reflects who you are on this inside. Are you conservative, elegant, a rock n roller, casually cool, street smart, preppy, bohemian…? The list is endless. Sometimes in the humdrum of everyday life, we lose touch with all that and our closets become a jumble of things we are not. Or perhaps it is made of all the things you want to be or used to be. One of my passions is organization. Getting some order out of chaos.

Styled By Lee - Lee

If you need help sorting out your sense of style, or if your closet is a jumble and you need help straightening it out and keeping those things that are truly you, you’ve come to the right place! A good spring clean, getting rid of the old and making way for who you are now is truly an emotional and freeing experience. It can be tough to go through on your own, so don’t do it alone.

Your Health

My entire life I have been on diet after diet with successes and failures. You know the drill. Tried every strange fad, read every guru’s opinion, drank all the weird concoctions to lose 5 pounds overnight. We’ve all been there! I have come to realize, that the good ol’ fashioned way of healthy eating is best. Vegetables and protein baby! (And moving that ass now and again).
I will post healthy recipes, good treat ideas and articles that I believe stick to the fundamentals of healthy living. I hope this helps and encourages you. And if you’d like some help with menu setting for your family, give me a shout, I will gladly assist!

Your Identity

Girl power! (Grrr)
I have always been an encourager. I believe every woman is amazing and has something of great value to add to the world! To see a woman who undervalues herself and thinks nothing but all the negative things she’s been told in her life, or doesn’t know her true self, breaks my heart. I believe this for men too! But my heart lies with encouraging woman of all ages and races to be who they were born to be. To stand up, to be brave, to live a life that is fierce and bold and powerful! I hope that my blogs or the articles I post can encourage you to find some strength, to let go of anything that is holding you back, and to step into your great destiny.



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